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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Lama Gursam & The Bodhicitta Foundation

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Lama Gursam & The Bodhicitta Foundation

May the Holidays and New Year find you and yours healthy and happy,
May Bodhicitta grow where it has been given birth,
May it start to sprout in new places throughout the west and
May the true joy of the heart/mind of enlightenment blossom within you, and all your loved ones in the coming year.

Hello World! The Bodhicitta Foundation Opens a New Blog!

Yogi Acarya Lama Gursam would like to help create a compassionate link between people he knows in the East, and those he knows in the west. Lama Gursam is a kind of modern wandering Tibetan yogin, who spends 6 months each year in the east: in India, Nepal, and Tibet, and 6 months in the west in The United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Lama sees people as he travels offering teachings in the west, and people, especially in the Tibetan refugee communities as he travels for Buddhist teachings, retreats and pilgrimages. Sometimes a small donation in western terms could greatly assist those struggling in the east to get a basic education, medical care, or to continue traditional Buddhist practices.
As a child of Tibetan refugees, who grew up in Bir a refugee village in Northern India, the quality of life issues of the Tibetan refugee community, and of the people of India, Nepal, and Tibet are very real. He has lived among them as a child, and half of each year even today.
This blog has been developed to assist Lama Gursam, as a Buddhist teacher, and as a man of great compassion. May it become a living link between east and west.

Lama Gursam

Lama Gursam

Founder of The Bodhicitta Foundation