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Lama Helps Clean Up Sandy Hook Beach

Lama Goes to the Beach

New English Classes Monday!

The Bodhicitta Foundation 
is very pleased to announce 

Acharya Shantideva’s 
Guide to a Bodhisattva’s Way of Life 

Will be shared in a series of English Zoom classes 
by Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam 

Each evening a 20 minutes 
of shared meditation 
will be followed by reading Shantideva’s text
(Stephen Batchelor’s English translation) 
and Lama’s commentary

On Monday Evenings at 7PM (EDT)
Starting on June 29, 2020
to register for this new series please contact:

Donations of $15 per class are gratefully appreciated to assist in making these classes possible, and to support Lama’s work. 
(No one will be turned away due to economic hardship, but your kindness will benefit many.)
The Bodhicitta Foundation is a 501c3 Charitable Organization and donations are tax deducatable.

Lama Gursam offers Monday 7PM Meditation and Dharma

A person standing in a room

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Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam

Offers Meditation and Dharma Teachings 

currently upon

The Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment

By Atisha Dipamkarashrijnana (982-1054)

Each Monday Evening 7PM on ZOOM

{#700618159 }

Please offer generous contributions to continue this program

Lama relies on your digital generosity or dana

At this time he can not travel or gather groups for meditation

May you spiritually merit from your great kindness. 

Contributions marked “Dana” can be made 

via PayPal links at: (at How to Help)

Or mail to 

Lama Gursam

Secretary, John Wenz

301 South 4th Avenue,

Highland Park, New Jersey 08904

Lama Gursam offers teachings on Mondays 7PM

Dear Friends, Sangha, and Spiritual Family, 

May you all be well, and be of assistance to others in this time of pandemic. We can join each other for Dharma teachings via ZOOM, even as the coronavirus passes through the United States. 
Lama Gursam will be offering a series of classes on ZOOM. it is a very friendly computer software program. All you ned to do is download ZOOM on your smart phone or computer, and you will be able to see Lama Gursam offer teachings, and share meditative moments with him each Monday evening. 
The next Lama Gursam Class will be on this Monday March 16th, 2020 at 7PM (Eastern or New York time)

He will be beginning to offer teachings upon Atisha’s Bodhipathapradipam or The Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment.

Lama thanks you for your understanding, and kind donations (via Pay Pal on
He looks forward to seeing each of you on Monday March 16th. 

The ZOOM class contact number will be the same, as usual for students familiar with Lama’s Bardo classes.

Those who would like to join us on Monday evenings at 7PM Eastern or New York time. 
Please send me a request for the ZOOM class number at 

May you each have happiness and all its causes,
John Wenz

Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam thinks of you each day

Each day Lama thinks of you, and thanks you for your compassionate practice.

Kuntanzangpo’s Prayer

Lama Gursam’s Father Has Passed

Dear Friends and Kind Helpers of The Bodhicitta Foundation,

It is with great personal human sadness, but also with great warm bodhicitta happiness that I share that Lama Gursam’s Father passed at 3:15 AM Tuesday morning December 11th, 2018 India time.
May he be escorted by Great Bodhisattvas to a place of comfort and achieve full enlightenment.
Lama Gursam was able to fly to India to spend time with his father before he passed, and appreciates all your kind thoughts and prayers.

John Wenz,
Secretary for Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam

Happy Thanksgiving from Lama Gursam

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Dharma Friends, Coordinators, Sangha, and Students,
    I wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am so fortunate to have gotten to meet you, and to share the precious Dharma. Your generosity has been what has made my visits possible. You have given me Dana in many forms: money donations, a place to teach, a place to stay, a listening ear, and a kind heart. I thank you each for your kindness, and request a shower of blessings upon you and your dear ones on this Thanksgiving Day.
    I was looking forward to visiting the North East before returning to India, but my father’s health required that I return immediately  to Dharmsala and Bir, India.  Fortunately, I was able to adjust my flight plans to return to Delhi sooner. I am providing loving support to my Father and my Mother on this Thanksgiving Day. 

     The American tradition of Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorites. 
The Lord Buddha in The Book of Causation (Nidanavagga) said:
        “Therefore , bhikkhus, you should train yourselves thus: 
  ‘We will be grateful and thankful,
   and we will not overlook even the least favor done to us.”
         Thus should you train yourselves.” 
         ( p. 712, The Connected Discourses of the Buddha, Samyutta Nikāya, translated by Bhikkhus Bodhi)

 I again would like to thank each of you for your kindnesses. Many of you have been my Dharma friends for many years.

In the coming year of 2019, I plan on attending two rare and precious teachings in the Katmandu, Nepal region. I look forward to receiving transmissions of sacred lineage teachings, and keeping the teaching traditions alive and continuously vibrant. You are invited to assist me in attending these teachings. Please review the attached letter and teaching announcement documents . Please help me attend, if you can. As you all know The Bodhicitta Foundation is a 501 3 c Non Profit Charitable Organization, and your donations are tax deductible. 

May you and your family have happiness and all its causes.
              May you be free of suffering, and all its causes.
              May you know true peace.
May you share your blessings with others this Thanksgiving Day. 

 Much Love,
    Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam

(Assisted by John Wenz, student and secretary)