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My name is Yeshi Lhamo. I am 8 yrs old. I was born in north India and then raised up in south India by my uncle because my parents are very poor. I am studying in class Ilad now. I would like to request you for your kind help for my study. I will be very grateful for your help and I will study hard.

Thank you.”


“My name is Jangchup Dolma and I am 14 years old. I was born in south India and I live here too. I am studying in class _?. I would like to continue my study as much as I could to obtain higher degree so that I could support my family. As you might know, we live as refugees in India and we are financially not capable of fully support ourselves. So, I would like to request generous individual for your kind help to support for my education. I will be very grateful. Thank you so much.

Jangchup Dolma”


“My name is Lhawang Thopden, i am 6 years old and studying in class one and i am the best student in my class. i love reading story books and travelling. I living in the tibetan settlement Dholanji, which is locates at the distance form 65 km from shimla (india). My mother name is Tsering Lhamo and Father name is Sonam but right now i am living with my mother because my parents are divorce, They are not together. I have only my mother to help me and she is working hard to help me, because school fee will going high when i will grow. so please help me. Thank you”

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