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Updates on Lama Gursam!

Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam – 2016 Updates


The energy of Lama Gursam continues to be expansive and strong as he travels around the globe sharing the Buddha dharma. He will be returning to JFK Airport in New York City from Delhi soon. This year he plans to visit Venezuela again, and will be able to spend time with his growing sangha in Mexico. Although he will only be in the Northeast for one month, he always enjoys visiting Keene, NH.

He looks forward to visiting Monadnock Mindfulness Center, The Yoga Space, Cheshire County Corrections, and Phoenix House. He looks forward to spending time with old friends, and new ones.

Lama will be coordinating another pilgrimage to Bodhgaya, India for His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s offering of the Kalachakra Empowerment at Buddha Shakyamuni’s place of enlightenment. Dates and details to follow as they become available for January, 2017. His Holiness was requested by his physicians to postpone the Kalachakra to 2017, due to his general health and tiredness, but he has announced he will offer Kalachakra in January 2017.


The Bodhicitta Foundation Projects- Your Kindness in Action


Due to the kindness and compassion of his many students, Lama has been able to start implementing many new helpful projects during his last visit to India.

First, The Young Monks Dining Hall and Kitchen Project:

Lama has been able to provide assistance for materials and equipment needed to build tables for the young monks dining hall, and to repair walls, and repaint the place he used to eat in as a young monk..

Second, Animal Care and Shelter:

The needs of animals are everywhere, and always touch Lama’s heart. While teaching in Mexico it came to Lama’s attention that a litter of 7 puppies had found shelter in an old shed. Their mother was overwhelmed, and sadly abandoned them. With the help of generous donors, some of Lama’s Mexican students, and generous assistance of animal doctors, the puppies were nursed, and cared for. Baby food, and improved shelter was provided. The needed medical examinations and shots were given. Most of the puppies were adopted by loving homes.

Third, Nuns and Monks Seasonal Robes

In the past few years, Lama has seen more nuns and monks in need of better robes and shoes. The need for seasonally appropriate clothing has been difficult in the refugee community. Frequently, the nuns and monks look after themselves last, and the refugee community is struggling economically. Lama established a special project for the Bodhicitta Foundation, which would enable him to provide assistance to nuns and monks in need of decent robes. On this last trip to India, many nuns and monks received appropriate winter robes, and shoes.

Lama is very grateful for all those who have been able to assist The Bodhicitta Foundation and its projects. Your gentle kindness and generosity can make a great difference in others lives. Thank you.

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