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Lama Gursam’s Teaching Schedule July to September 2013

Yogi Acharya Lama Gursam July – September 2013 Teaching Tour

Location Dates Contact e-mail phone

Bristol, VA July 1- July 3 Leslie Mundal 276-669-6296

Kingsport, TN July 4 – 8 Marina Munjal 423-239-4561

North Carolina July 9 – 11 no teachings

Tampa, FL July 12 – 16 Jean Mulloy 813-541-1320

Davis, CA July 16 – August 1 Sunny Shine 530-756-2671

Tucson, AZ August 2 – 5 Dean Pielstick 520-403-0830

Mexico August 6 – September 3 Gabriella Heatley

New Jersey September 3 – 9 John Wenz 732-718-3982

Lama Gursam’s Tentative Plans:
September 9th through Spring 2014 Extended Retreats
in India, Bhutan, and Bodh Gaya
Contact only via e-mail

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